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State Sector Schemes

During the year 2010-11, an allocation of Rs 270 crores was available for State Schemes which is utilized for Macadamization, construction and State Share for NABARD schemes, land acquisition for various projects etc. Out of this, an amount of Rs 210.00 crores have been earmarked under projectization programme for improvement of existing roads which has been utilized in full.

Physical achievement during 2010-11:-

R&B Kashmir

  Target Achievement
BT 1216.11 kms 900.23 kms
WBM 1464.22 kms 1553.23 kms

R&B Jammu

  Target Achievement
BT 1100.00 kms 1310.17 kms
WBM 1210.00 kms 1455.03kms